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Something New

April 09, 20223 min read

Something New

It has been said a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. This is that step for me. In many cases, the first step, phase, stage or starting point is quite difficult. I have avoided blogging for decades but decided this is the right time to begin. I decided to get even more comfortable being uncomfortable, thus, you are reading what is the first of many blog posts where I will be sharing my thoughts, observations, perspectives, and my two cents (which is probably worth five cents with inflation).

            You might be wondering what prompted me to start this blog now. I decided to stop being a “secret agent.” In other words, I decided to share, ideas, thoughts, and insights with more than just my coaching clients, the audience at my speaking events, and listeners of my podcast. My purpose in this life if to leave this Earth better than I found it. I decided to do this through helping leaders become ACEs, or their most Authentic, Confident, and Effective Selves. The medium I use is Speaking, teaching, and coaching.

            When it comes to speaking and teaching, I love sharing insights, stories, or ideas that might be of great benefit to those in the listening audience. Two things made me realize the efficacy of this form of communicating. First, while telling a personal story, I could see how many people knew exactly what I was talking about in a visceral way. Their faces were full of astonishment, some people were thunderstruck, or just blown away that a stranger on stage or behind a podium had just called out the state they had been in without any prior knowledge of their circumstance. This is when I knew, I wasn’t the only on dealing with these issues, and they knew it too. Second, the amount of people that would pull me to the side to comment on how what I said had impacted them.

            I am inclined to help people in a personal, private, yet powerful way. I have found coaching to be the best way for me to accomplish that in a professional setting. It’s also part of the reason I have been a “Secret agent” so to speak. I value confidentiality and do not disclose the names of my clients unless they give be explicit approval to do so. This has caused me to avoid social media and putting myself out there. I realized that was faulty thinking and impairs my ability to accomplish my life’s purpose. Coaching is the ultimate way to help someone achieve their greatest potential, become their most authentic selves, and achieve their desires. I must share what I do in order to help more people realize that transformation in their lives.

            That is the reason I am here; to share the everyday amazing in and around us. This is the right time for me to embark on this bogging journey. Adding value to people is the Taking the first step is quite uncomfortable but I know there is no growth in your comfort zone. So, here’s to step one. Stay amazing!

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